ChampionSki !!!

Van Slag ChampionSki!!

The former “Red Samba D-Vils” are completely under the spell of the World Cup in Russia. With “ChampionSki ! they give the supporters a power boost and they create a super ambiance at your event. The two spy heads of the Red Devils blow on their vuvuzela-like horn all known football hymnes. As soon as these songs are used, the crowd will roar with them and chant !

In the theme of the World Cup 2018, Russian sing-alongs have been included in the repertoire.   ChampionSki Hey Hey Hey!!

ChampionSki is suitable for large-screen football broadcasts where the crowd can be rejuvenated.

Ideal for street parties and events where ambiance can be created!

This formula is also applicable to all kinds of sports events: Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey,… (of course in custom outfit)