Peter Handpan

Peter Handpan :

The Hang drum or Handpan is the world’s newest and rarest musical instrument.

This instrument produces a relaxing, dreamy, ethereal sound.

It has a unique sound that naturally fills a room with a magical sound.

The Hang drum or Handpan is ideal where any form of relaxing music may be required: meditation, yoga, working environment, etc.

These instruments are also suitable to bring a hypnotic street animation. Spectators are amazed by the Handpan player and enjoy the wonderful sounds.

With the help of the handpan-kar, this act is striking and easy to move with your mobile phone.

The Handpan is ideal for creating an unforgettable atmosphere at weddings, celebrations, ceremonies, receptions and even funerals….

Peter Handpan is an experienced melodic percussionist and can evoke the perfect harmonic and rhythmic tones on these instruments. Ranging from a subtle serene soundtrack to a groovy lit song.

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