Workshop BoomWhackers

BoomWhackers Workshop

BoomWhackers are brightly colored light plastic tubes. Each colour and length has a different pitch. By hitting the BoomWhacker on your palm, you create the typical soft, beautiful “BOEM” tone.

BoomWhackers can be handled almost immediately by anyone. No musical knowledge is required. Within a few seconds the whole group is working and, in a relaxed and humorous way, a rhythmic and melodic piece emerges.

BoomWhackers are suitable for use in both primary and higher education. The compositions can be performed very easily or very complexly.

Not yet familiar with BoomWhackers or in need of instructions and inspiration? “Van Slag Percussion” can help you with this.

The instructors and animators of “Van Slag Percussion” have extensive experience in giving percussion and BoomWhackers workshops to children as well as adults. In the workshop BoomWhackers the different playing and playing techniques are taught. The music pieces are adapted to everyone’s age. You will discover pitch, melody, rhythm, polyrhythmics and chords. But the most important thing: together with the group, you create a creative piece of music in an energetic but not loud way.

Also at events, long meeting days or congresses, a short BoomWhackers workshop can be an icebreaker or energizer to destress the group and to boost the atmosphere and solidarity.

In the resources network, we give teachers the opportunity to develop themselves in the world of BoomWhackers. We provide them with the means to create fun rhythmic melodies for their students through the unique ‘VAN SLAG GRIDSYSTEM’.

Knowledge required: be able to count up to 4 can and recognize colours.

Van Slag Percussion has a unique simple, clear and educational writing system. The songs are projected using a beamer or an IWB. There is a repertoire of classical children’s songs, but also modern hip songs.

A syllabus is available.